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VMAGIC® Menopause Must-Haves

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Menopause does not have to be an uncomfortable time when you have the right support. That’s why we’ve included our best-selling VMAGIC® vulva balm, lips stick and wash to bring you soothing, immediate relief on your journey.
Discomfort Dryness Safe for Daily Use Natural Menopause Relief

What's Inside:

VMAGIC® Vulva Balm 2oz.
VMAGIC® Lips Stick .65 oz.
VMAGIC Vulva Wash 8 oz.
Spatula Applicator

For Vulva Dryness

As you enter into (peri)menopause  the vulva can lose elasticity and moisture resulting in discomfort, dryness and even pain with sex. This is often due to the decrease in estrogen that characterizes this normal phase of female life.

A moisturizer specifically designed for the vulva may be helpful in decreasing discomfort associated with these normal changes. Our VMAGIC® formula is free from hormones, fragrance and clinically tested to be non-irritating.

It is beloved by women like you, OBGYNs and Pelvic Floor Therapists as part of a daily Vulva care routine for women entering menopause.

For Pain With Intimacy

Did you know that the vaginal opening is part of the vulva? It along with the labia majora, minora and clitoris can become dry during menopausal years making sex very painful.

VMAGIC® Vulva Balm can help to soften and hydrate delicate vulvar tissues making intimacy a more enjoyable time. Use our VMAGIC® Lips Stick for an easy swipe, application or use our limited edition applicator to scoop out a desired amount from our jar packaging.

For Irritation

(Peri)Menopause is often characterized by dry skin from your scalp to your vulva. This dryness is often associated with redness and/or irritation and many products on the market can exacerbate the issue.

This is why it is important to select the products you use on your vulva carefully. If you decide to use a cleanser, we recommend a gentle, fragrance free one like our VMAGIC® Vulva Wash. Pair it with our VMAGIC Vulva Balm to experience the ultimate soothing relief.