Frequently Asked Questions


Domestic Shipping

How long does it take to receive my item once it is ordered?

International Shipping

Do you ship internationally? Are there any restrictions?

Are there any restrictions?

Why am I being charged for duties on my international shipping?

How will I know if my international parcel is being held in Customs?

How long will Customs take to clear my parcel?

Custom / Special Orders

How to place a custom order for a pelvic therapy pad?

Explain the Custom Order process for Seat Cushions? Are they eligible for the exchange and/or return policy?

TRICARE Insurance

I have TRICARE insurance. How do I submit my claim for reimbursement?

Pelvic Therapy Hot/Cold Pads

What are the care instructions for the pelvic therapy hot/cold pads?

What is the purpose of the built-in hook and loop strap design on your therapy pads?

When using the cooling version, how does this compare to regular ice packs?

What is inside the therapy pads?

How does the pad work?

Is there a method that should be followed when using the microwave?

If I accidentally overheat the pad in the microwave, will it damage the pad in any way?

When I heat the pad using the recommended time, I notice it is lukewarm. How can I ensure it will heat longer?

What's recommended when reheating the therapy pad?

What if I need assistance selecting the appropriate therapy pad for my specific condition?

Are there any safety precautions before using the therapy pads?

CAPPS Pelvic Seat Cushions

How does the built-in channel work on the seat cushions?

What are the dimensions of the cushions?

What does ILD mean in regards to the foam?

How long is the open channel on the cushions?

Can I change the direction of the cushions?

What type of foam do you use?

What type of fabric is used?

Do Crypton® fabrics have VOCs, including formaldehyde or PFOA?

Can I be allergic to Crypton®?

Explain what Crypton® Fabric is?

What are some of the bacteria and microbes that Crypton® protects against?

Can Crypton® be cleaned with soap and water?

What is the difference between the two fabrics?

Does the CAPPS cushions come with covers?

Why choose your cushions over others on the market?

Return/Refund Policy

Why the restriction on accepting returns and/or exchanges on your pelvic therapy pads?

Can you return a pelvic pad custom order?

Can the CAPPS Pelvic Seat Cushions be returned and/or exchanged?

Are your products refundable or can be returned?

What is the return/exchange policy for the CAPPS Seat Cushions?

Rewards Program

Explain the Rewards Program

Wholesale Accounts

How to become a Wholesaler?