Custom Order Inquiries

We're up to the challenge when it comes to helping our customers. From a simple drawing to the actual products. We recognize that there are instances when customers require customized orders for seat cushions or therapy wraps. To facilitate the quotation process, kindly send us an email including the following details:

Seat Cushions:

  1. Specific Cushion Design (Coccyx or Travel).
  2. Dimensions (Length, Width, and Height, if applicable).
  3. Fabric Choice (Performance or Super Cleanable).

Contact Us. Your provided information will enable us to generate an accurate quote for your custom order. Please feel free to reach out via email with these specifications, and we'll promptly assist you in fulfilling your special order requirements.


Design 1. We designed this cutie for a customer who needed support while at the gym. Send us your inquiry and we will be delighted to create your very own.

Design 2. We got this new customer who found us through his pelvic therapist's recommendation. This guy had a specific request after a little accident that left his pelvis a bit banged up. He sketched out this cool plan for us – wanted a 6-inch gap in the middle, narrower foam for his sit bones, and foam pieces that could be moved around. We turned his vision into reality, and he was absolutely thrilled with the outcome! If you've got something special in mind, just send us your inquiry, and we'd be more than happy to bring it to life for you too!