Custom Order Inquiries


We're up to the challenge when it comes to helping our customers. From a simple drawing to the actual products. We recognize that there are instances when customers require customized orders for seat cushions or therapy wraps. To facilitate the quotation process, kindly send us an email including the following details:

What We Need:

  1. Specific Cushion Design (Coccyx or SunCloud Travel)
  2. Dimensions (Length, Width, and Height, if applicable)
  3. Fabric Choice (Performance or Super Cleanable)
  4. Foam Comfort (X-Soft, Soft, Medium-Firm, Firm, X-Firm)

Contact Us. Your provided information will enable us to generate an accurate quote for your custom order. Please feel free to reach out via email with these specifications, and we'll promptly assist you in fulfilling your special order requirements.

All Custom Orders are special order and final; your cushion cannot be returned and/or refunded.

Sample 1:

What Was Needed: This adorable creation was tailored for a customer seeking support during gym sessions. Typically, bench seats lack consideration for individuals with pelvic floor pain, but this compact version provided a perfect solution. Need similar assistance? Feel free to send us your inquiry, and we'll be delighted to craft your personalized solution.

Sample 2:

Nothing would fit his chair then he contacted us from a referral. A loyal customer approached us with a unique request for a cushion tailored to fit his chair's specific angle. With just a snapshot and some specifications from him, we crafted the perfect cushion to meet his needs. His reply upon the cushion's arrival? "Received today. This is fantastic!! Feels and fits chair perfectly. What a great job at putting this together. Thank you so much."

Sample 3:

An ergonomic office chair that needed a special cushion design. We were thrilled to receive a request from a returning customer for a customized length and width, along with a longer channel, to meet his specific cushion needs. Naturally, we were more than happy to accommodate their request! Rest assured, we will upload the final project once it's complete. His reply, "I've had a chance to use the cushion for half a day and so far it's working great!  It's nice to have the added support from the coccyx section, the extra half-inch of padding, and (most importantly) a cushion that fits my chair! Here is a photo of the cushion on my chair."