Your Comfort Is Our Mission.

Our expertise lies in crafting ergonomic seat cushions designed to alleviate pelvic and lower back pain. Allow us to assist you in choosing the perfect cushion that suits you.

We're not just creators; we're believers in the effectiveness of our products.

Dealing with chronic pain ourselves, we embarked on a journey to develop solutions that genuinely work. We've walked in your shoes, and that's why we're committed to delivering solutions that alleviate discomfort and enhance daily living.

Enjoy Natural Therapy.

The EndoFEMM®️ Pelvic/Lumbar Wrap represents our exclusive patented design by Babette Gray, the owner herself. This carefully engineered wrap is designed to deliver targeted, organic hot or cold therapy right where you require it most. It can be effortlessly heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer. Presently, it is offered in two sizes, complete with user-friendly removable straps for added convenience.

Wherever you go, we've got you covered.

No matter if you're traversing the skies, railways, or roads, behold our carefully curated assortment of essentials that we personally trust to ensure ultimate comfort.

As physical therapists who deal with patients suffering from pelvic pain, we always look for remedies to help our patients. We were very excited to find a great selection from Pelvic Pain Solutions and our patients have been very happy with their products!

Amy Stein, Beyond Basics Physical Therapy

PPS is a company that exemplifies both professionalism & passion. They have created products for pelvic pain that are very effective. They have done a fantastic job creating a top-notch product that patients like, AND they truly care about helping patients.

Tracy Sher, Founder, Pelvic Guru

The creative pelvic therapy pads and pelvic seat cushions have been highly successful with my chronic pelvic pain patients. Each new version of the product has improved and I highly recommend them to anyone with most any type of chronic pelvic pain in the pelvic region.

Institute for Pelvic, Genital & Sexual Pain

We have used your pelvic seat cushions and therapy pads in our clinic and have shared them with many patients over the last several years! Keep up the amazing work! Many blessings to you."

Julie Sarton, Owner, Sarton Physical Therapy

These products have assisted us in the care of many of our patients. The company has a unique perspective, unique products that fill a need in the treatment of many patients who suffer from chronic pelvic pain!

Dr. Barry Jarnagin, Center for Pelvic Health

I am very, very impressed with this cushion. I received one as a gift and the quality and fabric are impeccable and outstanding. The best quality and manufacturing I've seen of any cushion I've tried over the years.

Jill Osborne, Founder, IC Network

This company is a gem for providing wonderful products for my patients. As a women's health physical therapist, it's important to have great resources for my patients. PPS is a wonderful resource!

Karen Liberi, NWO Center

This cushion is ONE OF MY FAVORITES because it is soft yet supportive, has a mid-line cut out to relieve pressure from the perineum, genitals, and sit bones, and is portable. Truly a fantastic design that suits your needs.

Jenna Sires, Restore Pelvic Health

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