Helping our Veterans

Military Tribute

These experiences have been the crucible in which my personal growth was forged, and they have fostered within me a profound reverence for the armed forces. In memory of my late father, Robert Waite Blanchard—an unyielding patriot and a soldier with unwavering dedication—we are resolutely continuing his vision to aid injured military personnel. At the heart of our mission lies the creation of custom seat cushions, meticulously designed to enhance their comfort and overall well-being. My father, an ardent advocate for my cause, was a strong pillar of support for all my pursuits. His dream was to collaborate as a disabled veteran, partnering with military hospitals and clinics, fuelled by his own firsthand account of the transformative impact these cushions had on his life.

Guiding this endeavor is Rebecca Wildblood, our vital link to the veteran community. Having confronted the daunting challenges of disability following her own service, Rebecca possesses an intimate comprehension of the pressing need for effective therapeutic assistance, especially in cases of spinal injuries. Her affiliation with our cause was solidified through her personal trials of our cushions, which proved to be indispensable in enhancing her comfort and facilitating her journeys. This convergence of experiences and shared ambitions unites us in our collective quest to usher in a substantial transformation in the lives of those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to serving our nation.

In honor of my beloved father, we salute our men and women in the Armed Forces and thank you for your dedicated service.