In 2016, Pelvic Pain Solutions was the presenting sponsor of a documentary film called "Endo What" that casts a new light on Endometriosis, a disease that affects approximately 176 million women at a cost of $119 billion on society annually. Our goal is bringing awareness to school nurses, treating physicians, and the general public of the signs and symptoms of this disease. On average it takes 8 years to be fully diagnosed. Pelvic Pain Solutions and the Endo What team, headed by director/producer, Shannon Cohn, joined together to help spread awareness. Together we to hope to make a difference in the lives of women suffering from this disease.

"This critical film shows that women everywhere are taking things into their own hands and changing the status quo.” Camran Nezhat, MD, Co-Founder, World Wide EndoMarch.
"Bravo...a tremendous testament to women everywhere.” Mary Lou Ballweg, Founder & President, Endometriosis Association.
"Society must be educated properly about Endometriosis and this is the film to finally do it.” Iris Orbuch, MD, Endometriosis Expert, Excision Surgeon.


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