Perineum Hot/Cold Pad (Flax Seed Filled)

  • $15.99

Our organic Perineum Hot/Cold Pad is perfect while lounging on the couch, driving in your car, or sitting in a chair. Another nifty thing is this particular size and length fits perfect inside the inner channel of our CAPPS Seat Cushions. Made from soft, organic cotton in a whimsical French Girl print. Covers will soon be available. Our two-pack version is handy to have as a backup for cooling therapy!

Average Microwave Heating Times Based on Pad Design:

  • EndoFEMM Pad, 2 minutes
  • Endo-Lite Pad, 1 minute
  • Multi-Comfort Pad, 3 minutes
  • Pelvic Floor Pad, 2 minutes

To Heat. Place entire pad in microwave for instant heat. Fold pad into thirds for best effect. It is highly recommended to use the rotating carousel for even distribution of heat. Reheat time is 1 minute. (Please Note: Pad will have a moist heat sensation while it is still new.)

To Revitalize. To experience the moist heat again, simply use a revitalizing spray.

To Cool. Place pad in baggie or zip lock freezer bag overnight. Pad will provide a cooling sensation, not an icy-cold sensation.

Not recommended for infants or people with insensitive skin or poor circulation. Consult with your doctor before applying pad to the body. Do not leave the pad in microwave unattended by children or incapacitated persons.


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"Before I go to bed I would like to thank Babette Gray for creating the most epic heating pad. I don't know what how I could live without it." (Julie, Instagram)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you .... OMG, you have no idea how this company has changed my life!!!! I recommend ya'all at all my support groups. I got gifted one of your heating pads and after two days of using it, I ordered two more and now I'm getting this cushion. I'm too excited .... thank you so much; I'm going to recommend ya'all as often as I can. More people need these life-changing products. Thank you again. (Katie)

"I feel like I've struck gold with discovering your products. I can hardly wait to receive the cushions!" (Bev)

My boyfriend got me this really thoughtful gift. It's specially designed to be the same shape as your pelvis and has Velcro® straps that strap around your back to keep it in place. I woke up this morning in pain and this helped me get back to sleep peacefully. SUPER COOL!" (Instagram)

"I've been using this therapy pad for the last two months. And let me tell you, this is AMAZING! It can be used hot or cold, but I've been using it for hot for my pain. I will be doing a full review on it soon since I've been using it for some time. But it is a great alternative way to control pain relief." (Instagram)

"Thank you for the role that you play in supporting those with pelvic pain. Your work is appreciated by many and I am excited to share your products with the patients with whom I work. Thanks again and I look forward to working with your company in the future. (Megan, Doctor of Physical Therapy Student, Women's Health, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation)

"I buy these for my wife who has endured the pain of a radical hysterectomy and colon cancer. These pads offer her much needed relief". (Steve)