CAPPS Coccyx/Pudendal U-Shaped Cushion

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Our very own Coccyx/Pudendal design (17" x 17") is made with a longer inner channel compared to other coccyx cushions on the market to relieve discomfort. Our longer channel gently lifts the pelvic floor muscles while sitting or driving. Imagine driving without feeling the vibration and impact, allowing your bladder to relax -- fewer bathroom breaks and irritation! 

We Offer Custom Orders. Have a request for a thicker cushion? A wider inner channel? We will be happy to design your very own.

Our five-day trial allows you to sit and try out your cushion. Try our cushion out and see how it works for you. Maybe you may find a different style works better such as the Travel versus the U-shaped, a less or more firm foam or change the 1.5" thickness to 2.0".



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