Coccyx Seat Cushions (Super Cleanable)

NOW AVAILABLE - Robust medical-grade zipper covers designed for industrial strength. Purchase separate foam pieces for easy change out for different variations of foam support.

Our Coccyx Pudendal Faux Leather, Eco-Friendly Cushion is designed to provide maximum comfort when sitting, helping you to stabilize your pelvis and coccyx tailbone area. It is highly durable and can easily be cleaned to maintain its hygiene and keep it looking fresh. Enjoy unbeatable comfort with its reliable support, preventing slipping and bunching up of the filling. With its ergonomically designed curves, it effectively alleviates pressure points and provides optimal spinal alignment. Take a seat with confidence and comfort everytime! We meet the Healthy Hospital/CPSIA Compliant standards,

MATERIAL COMPOSITION - Made from 100% Phthalate - Free Vinyl / High performance topcoat, Protective Surface: High performance topcoat. Breathable. Eco-friendly fabric.

FLAMMABILITY - Met Without Flame Retardant Chemicals, Phthalate - Free Vinyl, Formaldehyde - Free, doesn't contain harmful substances such as heavy metals.

PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES - Soft Surface Touch & Excellent Tearing Strength, Abrasion /  Colorfastness and Anti-Weathering, Chlorinated water resistant / Anti-Mildew, Antibacterial / Antimicrobial.


  • Water. Apply clean water or soapy water with water-based cleaner.
  • Solvent. Clean fabric with a water-free dry-cleaning solvent.
  • Bleach. Clean fabric with a bleach solution (10 part water/1 part bleach).

Disclaimer. If you have existing medical conditions or chronic pain, consulting a healthcare professional before using an ergonomic seat cushion is advisable to ensure it's appropriate for your situation.