TENS Unit/Muscle Stimulator/Pulse Massager

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Relief All Over Your Body Pain

You'll find the Naipo handheld pain relief therapy device extremely effective for all of your aches and pains. Use this portable muscle stimulator machine on your wrist, hands, shoulders, elbows / joints, back, shoulders, calves, knees and many more.Without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine.

5 Preprogrammed Massage Modes

This muscle stimulator for pain management with 5 diverse pre-programmed modes, choose between a diverse range from Knocking, Acupuncture, Cupping, Tapping, Shiatsu-Deep, Kneading and more. Help to relieve pain associated with sore and aching & fatigue muscles from exercise, normal household or work activities.

Easy to Read LCD Display

This tens machine for pain management is easily adjustable settings can be seen through the animated display. Large size and super-high-definition LCD screen makes it easier to read and operate clearly especially for the aged, easily adjustable settings can be seen through the animated display.

Compact and Lightweight

This electronic muscle stimulator machine is small, compact but lightweight making portability easy and convenient. Its versatility is limitless, as it is simple-to-operate at home, office, travel use, ideal complement for life etc.

Independent Channels

This rechargeable muscle stimulator unit with 2 outputs are isolated and has the same 100% power, without reducing strength in half. You can also share with friend or family for different strength needs. Every output wire is about 1.5 meters, it's available for two adults to use it at the same time.

Targets Your Pain Precisely

By placing the pads exactly at the site of the pain, you get fast relief, without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine.The simulation therapy machine includes 4 self-stick electrode pads.

16 Adjustable Strength

This pain relief therapy device with the button which you can adjust the intensity level from 1 and increase up to 16. Meanwhile, you also could choose massage from 5,10 or 15 minutes. These pads are certified latex-free and can be reused many times before replacing.

What You Get

1 x Naipo Electronic Pulse Stimulator
1 x User Manual
2 x Lead Wires
1 x Storage Plate
4 x Conductive Gel Pads
2 x AAA Battery

Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.8 x 3.2 inches ; 8.8 ounces

Important information

Legal Disclaimer
1. Please kindly adjust the intensity levels gradually, and avoid adjusting to high intensity levels abruptly.
2. Please DO NOT use the product with other electric medical instruments, such as pacemaker at the same time.
3. Please DO NOT use the product near the heart area.
4. Please DO NOT use the product on head, neck, mouth cavity, and areas with skin disorders.
5. Please DO NOT use the product while bathing or sleeping.
6. Not suitable for pregnant women, hypertension patients or people with skin problems.
7. Do not use this massager if you have pacemaker or other life support equipment such as an artificial lung or respirator.
8.Please do not use the pads on the same body part for more than 30 minutes.



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