Perineum Hot and Cold Reusable Pack with Three Washable Covers

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  • Immediate Feminine Therapy. Are you sick of pubic and pelvic discomfort? GentlePack® designs every product with you in mind. With the convenience of a washable, quickdry & wickaway fabric, you know that you will get your money’s worth and that your sore and tender areas will be cushioned and supported. Our GentlePack® Perineal Ice & Heat Packs starts your day off right!
  • Long Lasting Effect.  Not only will you be comfortable using our GentlePack® Perineal Ice & Heat Packs but you will notice it last far longer than the competition. Imagine pain relief that lasts 4 times longer than the closest competition. You owe it to yourself to get the best treatment available to alleviate post maternity and pregnancy symptoms. Receive support, cushion and care after labor and while you are pregnant. The pad can be reused and simply tossed & placed in the microwave for heating.
  • Excellent Quality. Don’t settle for less! GentlePack® prides itself on being industry leaders in improving on the old norms of Perineal Ice & Heat Pack technology. We use humanely sourced eco-friendly ingredients. Our pads are strong, durable and made to last. GentlePack® Perineal Ice & Heat Packs has the sharpest and longest lasting formulation on the market. Recovery at home for painful external tears, bleeding, cramping and itchy burning. The padded smooth skin cooling pad is soft.
  • So Many Uses. Our GentlePack® Ice & Heat Packs don’t just leave you hanging! The many uses of this product range from postpartum women, perineal pain, hemorrhoid pain. Use with your children or as a wrap for injury to joints, rotator cuffs, knees, groin, back muscles, or any other region on the body. Our Ice & Heat Packs are ready for anything! After birth there can be a degree of blood loss and discharge due to partum surgery complications or stitches.
  • A Name You Can Trust. We manufacture our products according to the highest quality standards and make no compromises when it comes to the most important part of your day. Your comfort! 

We recommend using hot water for the heat option. To microwave, no more than 30 seconds. Then turn over and add 10 seconds.

Size: 23.6 cm x 7.6 cm or 9.29 inches x 2.99 inches

  • Comfort. It makes a difference. A woman always knows.
  • Results. Don’t settle for what “THEY” tell you is good. Take control and support “YOUR” recovery.
  • Hot & Cold Ice Packs: Nylon – Can be put in the freezer or fridge as well as the microwave
  • Covering: (3) washable terry covers are included. Pocket design keeps pack secure.
  • Drawstring Bag: Convenient for every day or travel.
  • Ice Pack Contents: Glycerol, water & CMC (As a recognized safe ingredient, the FDA does not have to approve its use in foods).



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