Multi-Comfort Therapy Pad - Pelvic Pain Solutions
Multi-Comfort Therapy Pad - Pelvic Pain Solutions

Multi-Comfort Therapy Pad

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Multi-Comfort_Therapy_Pelvic_PadOur Multi-Comfort Therapy Pad (shown with the model wearing the attached Perineum insert)  is our big Kahuna and best seller! Imagine hot or cold therapy focused on your tummy, pelvic floor, tailbone and lower back pain simultaneously. Our improved design is made lighter with a shortened crotch for ultimate comfort. Yes, all this with hands-free relief!




How is it worn. The image shows how the model is wearing the pad on the outside of her clothing. It can also be worn under your clothing or for some, directly onto the skin

Hot or Cold Therapy. Heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer. The average length of time hot cold therapy last is 30-45 minutes. The cooling portion is just that, c-o-o-l-i-n-g not like ice packs.


  • Built-in straps
  • Fit waists 24"-40"
  • Approximate weight: 3.0 lbs.
  • Crotch length: 8"
  • Heat in microwave, cool in the freezer
  • Hands-free therapy

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Our cushions work.

As pelvic pain sufferers, we have devoted over 14 years in the creation, design, and manufacturing of seat cushions. We believe we have perfected the right shape to minimize pain and discomfort. Try one today!

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"I received my cushion the other day. It exceeds my expectations. Well done."

Keon, Colorado

"My first cushion has been a real life savor thank you so much! Honestly, it keeps me out of pain at work. "

 Christina, New York

"This cushion made it possible for me to go to school when my Endometriosis and Adenomyosis were at their worst. Thank you for such an amazing product! I recommend it all the time!"

Taryn, Instagram

"Love these! I've recommended them to my pain support group."

 Rice, Colorado

"My CAPPS medical seat cushions have helped with my chronic pain and discomfort by eliminating pressure on sensitive areas. I have both the Standard U-shape and the travel/foldable shape. I find the foldable cushion is more comfortable because it relieves pressure down its entire length, plus it is more discreet. When you fold it in half, no one would ever guess what it is. Plus, you can more easily fit it into a bag. The Pelvic Pain Solutions staff are very nice with excellent customer service. I highly recommend these cushions and the company". 

Luciellen, New Jersey

"This is the best cushion you can possibly buy. It's worth the expense! I'm 45 years old and have IC and PNE. I have severe sensitivity to touch and these cushions are so comfortable ~ like sitting on a cloud."

Kay, Minnesota


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