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EndoFEMM®️ Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap, Ocean (Fleece)

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For a limited time, while supplies last, we're excited to offer our corn-filled EndoFEMM®️ Pelvic Therapy Wrap to our valued customers for just $5 bucks. To claim yours, just add it to your cart, cover the shipping costs, and we'll promptly send one your way.

Size: 28" straps (14" left/14" right), actual pad (14" width x 9" high), fits waists up to 42".

Pro Tip. Use it to ease pelvic pressure in the car.

CAUTION: Heat. These pads can heat up rapidly. Please exercise caution and avoid heating for more than one minute in the microwave, using the rotating carousel. Remember to remove the straps before microwaving. Perform a spot check before placing the pad directly onto the skin. Safety first! Cool. Store in the freezer for a wonderful deep cooling sensation as well.

Wondering about the deal? During our research and development, we found that our corn-filled pads may occasionally experience a kernel or two popping when heated in a strong microwave—something we'd like to avoid. We have since switched to our beloved flaxseed. To prevent your pad from experiencing a pop or two, we recommend testing your microwave's heating strength by reducing the time. Always perform a spot test before placing the pad directly on your skin.

Aside from this minor consideration, our pads are fantastic warmers, especially during this time of year. We use them to soothe all sorts of aches and pains, and they make for a cozy barrier on your tummy while driving, alleviating pressure from the seat belt.

Please be aware that these pads cannot be returned, and once you receive them, they are yours to keep.