This cushion is ONE OF MY FAVORITES because it is soft yet supportive, has a mid-line cut out to relieve pressure from the perineum, genitals, and sit bones, and is portable. If you have pelvic pain in sitting, find a pelvic PT and a cushion that suits you needs." (Jenna Sires, Restore Pelvic Wellness)

"...... Your company has provided me with the best customer service I’ve ever had when purchasing a product. And something like this usually wouldn’t be eligible to return, or your e-mail would go to the bottom of a pile. But please know that you are making such a big difference in the mission/clients you’re serving.Thank you again." (Nicole, New Jersey)

"Babette provides top-notch customer service. I ordered a medium and needed a firm pillow. She replied within minutes and we were able to swap out the product. As to the pillow, it is very comfortable and well made. I would not hesitate to order from them again. Excellent company that makes excellent products!" (Philip, Etsy)

"This is a great item. I used this on a long flight and bus ride and it kept my bottom feeling very comfortable. Normally when I sit in chairs for a while the pressure on my coccyx can be painful but I didn’t have that problem with this. The handles made it easy to pick up and carry with me when it was time to leave my seat. I like that you can wipe down the exterior." (Etsy Customer)

"Thank you for the wonderful cushions. Build quality is excellent and so are the materials." (Anonymous)
"Your reputation for service precedes you. I sincerely am happy you have worked with me to find the right fit." (Brent, Florida)
"After 6 1/2 years I just put in an order for another one. My original is still in great shape but I’ve put on some weight after getting back in the gym so now I need one with a little more support." (D. Indiana)
"I just received my package. The Travel/Foldable Cushion is really comfortable and sturdily made. It’s going to be great!" (Joyce)
"I think u have an amazing idea here to help a lot of people regaining their life quality." (Etsy Customer)
"The new cushion arrived and I'm sitting on it right now as I do my desk work. Thank you so much for your attention and rapid response. You are tops in customer service!" (Marilyn, Oregon)

"Your company is the best company I've ever worked with." (Etsy Customer)

"Lifesaver for bladder/pelvic and sacrum pain. I’m ordering a second." (Etsy Customer)

"I’m so impressed with your customer support! Thank you so much for what you do." (Pat)

"I received the cushion today and it’s great quality! Your customer service is top notch." (Phillip, Colorado)

"Amazing customer service!!! Upgraded my shipping at no extra charge to get it to me on time!!! Great, great seller!!" (Etsy Customer)

"I love my travel cushion so much I'd love to order another one so I can always have one in the car! Your company has helped me so much with these cushions. If you ever need more testimonials I'd be so happy to write one. Thank you for all you do!" (Christina)

"If I owned my own business, yours would be my model."

"Once my travels are over I will definitely be buying more cushions." (John)

"I want to thank you again for all of your help. You truly been a pleasure to work with." (Sheryl, West Virginia)

"My pelvis floor sings with joy. So comfortable." (Etsy Customer)

"I bought one of your Performance travel cushions already and Iove it!" (Jennifer)

"Thank you for the amazing customer service." (Etsy Customer)

"I really appreciate your excellent customer service." (Margaret, Canada)

"I cannot thank you enough and don’t have any words to appreciate your kind gesture. Thank you. Warm regards." (Sandeep, Louisiana)

"Hello good people at Pelvic Pain Solutions. I just wanted to thank you, just received the cushion here in Toronto, Canada. This is the first time I am able to sit for longer than 30 minutes without squirming in my seat. I'm 5'2 and 125lbs, this foam and size is perfect for me. Thank you, thank you!!!!" (Yunju, Canada)

"The cushion actually arrived yesterday! I had to drive up to Venice and back today (about 65 miles) and I used the cushion. I’m so excited! It is very different from the donut cushion which is my only point of reference. I would not be feeling as good as I am right now after driving 3 hours with the donut cushion.  Your cushion is definitely firmer although I do press it down pretty good (6’6 230) but there is still clearance which is good! I am sitting on it right now as I’m typing.  I’m so excited to start going places again. Thank you so much! (Dan, California)

"I’m so impressed with your customer support! Thank you so much for what you do." (Pat)

"I received my cushion this week. It feels lovely. I just purchased a travel one too!"

"I can’t thank you guys enough these cushions have saved my life as far as being able to drive and sit a bit. Thank you!!!!! (Katie)

"Thank you! I got your travel cushion recently and it's great, I am getting a couple more so I can keep one at work and one in the car. really helps with my pain."

"I’m sure you are well aware of this, but what you do gives people like me HOPE! I’ve been dealing with this thing for 15 months now and have basically tried everything. I can only sit on the donut cushion for so long and then my coccyx starts to ache. The minute I saw your design I was like wow, this could be the answer for me to still travel and do my job. Can’t wait…so thank you!"

" .... It was delivered today! My husband says it works GREAT! He tried it out in the car, as well, and it worked fine! " (Kay, California)

Thank you, Babette, for all the courtesies you extended to me! With appreciation and high regard." (Arna, Maryland)

"Hello Babette, I just want to follow up with you and tell you how much “I LOVE THESE CUSHIONS!  It was definitely worth the wait because they are so classy and expensive looking in the color black. The travel cushion I use for my back support, which definitely helps me sit up straighter, and is also good for the pelvic floor muscles. I’m tempted to throw out all of my old crappy cushions and but another set. You have really “knocked it out of the park“ with your Pelvic Pain cushions.. I really feel that your company can help a lot of IC patients and I’m so glad we were able to talk on the phone and connect too."

"Babette, thank you SO much for this fabulous service. It's so rare these days for a company to care about its customers and be so responsive. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat, as I believe we need more of this goodness in this world! Thanks again." (Dr. Lisa, Connecticut)

"Amazing! I’ve had 5 surgeries since my son was born due to a difficult delivery and this cushion helps so much! Thank you!" (Katherine, Canada)

"By the way, I have checked your store out, and can't help but to say it. Your store looks very professional. I love how simple it is, but yet it is well-built. Customer shopping experience was definitely put into consideration when you designed the store. Easy to navigate, and in my honest opinion, that is what makes customers keep coming back, your store's customer shopping experience is thrilling, I can't wait to see your store make its way on top! Wishing you all the best in your business." (Andrei, New York)

" You have provided my wife with years of pain relief and I will be forever grateful for that." (Steve)

"Our two sisters who are wheelchair bound are thankful every day as it has helped their bums be more comfortable all day." (Instagram)

"Holy Hell it's way bigger than I imagined! And a gorgeous shade of pink! I've sat at my computer for four hours today before it showed up. I wasn't that comfy. I went to lunch and came back to my package on my doorstep. It fits my office chair perfectly, and SOOO MUUUCCCHHH CUSHION!!!!!!!! I can't wait to give it a spin on car rides and restaurants, etc. I love it. Thank you SO much, Babette!" (Lisa, California)

"I received my cushion the other day. It exceeds my expectations. Well done." (Keon, Colorado)

"Thank you for having a business focused on helping women with Endo. Needs to be more out there like you!! Thank you so much." (Amanda, Instagram)

"Hello! I hope you are having a great day! First I would just like to say that the EndoFEMM heating pad is amazing! It has helped so very much! I have already recommended it to so many people! I hope i can drum up some business for you guys! Second, i saw on Instagram you are looking for testers for the boy shorts. I have such endo belly and am so self conscious about it. I would love to try these! I seriously go from flat to looking like i am 4.months pregnant during a flare! Thank you again for your company. You guys are making such a difference in people's lives!" (Jennifer, Instagram)

"Thanks so much for all your help! I received everything in time for my trip. Your customer support is awesome. Will let all of my PT friends know of your excellent service!" (Dawn)

"My first cushion has been a real life savor thank you so much! Honestly, it keeps me out of pain at work." (Christina)

"Wow! Received the heating pad in two days@ Super fast shipping. Held heat for over 30 minutes. Love this way better than my electric one. Couldn't be happier. Highly, highly recommend!" (Amy, Etsy)

"I love them. They will help so many of my patients. Thanks so much for the samples. I can recommend these." (Ortho Pelvic PT, Instagram)

"This cushion made it possible for me to go to school when my Endometriosis and Adenomyosis were at their worst. Thank you for such an amazing product! I recommend it all the time!" (Taryn, Instagram)

"Love these! I've recommended them to my pain support group." (Rice, Colorado)

I tried out every pillow at my PT's office and knew I had to get yours! I was beyond thrilled when the new one arrived before I left. Thanks for all you do. You rock!!!" (Instagram)

"I just got my new pelvic pad and I love it. It was resized by my measurements. I wear it to bed some nights when I am in pain. It helps tremendously, I can't express how grateful I am for the decrease in pain with this pad. Thank you very much! (Debbie, Minnesota)

"Before I go to bed I would like to thank Babette Gray for creating the most epic heating pad. I don't know what how I could live without it." (Julie, Instagram)

"Wearing my EndoFEMM™ Pelvic Pad under my clothing while recovering from my hysterectomy. Helps so much with the swelling and pain ... LOVE IT!" (Keri Ann, California)

"My boyfriend got me this really thoughtful gift. It's specially designed to be the same shape as your pelvis and has hook and loop straps that strap around your back to keep it in place. I woke up this morning in pain and this helped me get back to sleep peacefully. SUPER COOL!" (Instagram)

"I've been using this therapy pad for the last two months. And let me tell you, this is AMAZING! It can be used hot or cold, but I've been using it for hot for my pain. I will be doing a full review on it soon since I've been using it for some time. But it is a great alternative way to control pain relief." (Instagram)

"Thank you for the role that you play in supporting those with pelvic pain. Your work is appreciated by many and I am excited to share your products with the patients with whom I work. Thanks again and I look forward to working with your company in the future. (Megan, Doctor of Physical Therapy Student, Women's Health, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation)

"OMG, the perineum belt fits. I am in heaven. You guys are the best. I am trying to promote. Best item ever." (Lori, Massachusetts)

"I love, love, love my EndoFEMM™ Luxe Pad!! Use it every night. And, I use the Endo-Lite on my neck a lot." (Cathy)

"I received my cushion and it's amazing. It is helping a lot." (Daniella, Brazil)

" ... So after 8 years, my EndoFEMM™ Pad has finally died; it's burnt and now ripped." (Samantha, United Kingdom)

"I buy these for my wife who has endured the pain of a radical hysterectomy and colon cancer. These pads offer her much needed relief". (Steve)

"I received my travel cushion in the mail and I absolutely love it!" (Ariella, Facebook)

"Oh my God, I love this heating pad. Wow, I wish I'd had this YEARS ago." (Scooter)

"This is so much better than all the other heating pads because of its shape." (Instagram follower)

"I seriously love mine and it's amazing to be able to move around instead of tied down to the bed! Plus I overheated mine and they sent me a new one free". (Jess, Instagram)

"Hey ladies! I just got this from my physical therapist who sells these pads at her office. It is seriously the most amazing thing (I wish I wasn't getting this excited about a heating pad!), it's so soft, you microwave it, it covers you from hip to hip, from above your belly button down to your crotch. It's like being in a bathtub when it's not socially acceptable to be in a bathtub. It has helped me a lot today I HIGHLY recommend! The owner of the company is an endo sufferer too, so it's made for us." (Sarah, Facebook)

"I have the full pelvic floor and back one (Multi-Comfort Pad) and it's AMAZING! It's so worn out! I keep having to sew it to patch it back up." (Bridget, Facebook)

"Thank you for understanding the complexity of pelvic pain. I'd also like to thank and commend your company for not only acknowledging pelvic pain in the way that you have but endeavoring to offer solutions to the many who suffer from it. I'll continue to visit your website for products that may help me in the future." (Debra, Customer)

I have one of your pads, love it .... I received as a gift from an endo sister." (Rose, Facebook)

"My mother purchased a heating pad for me for Christmas. I love this product and recommend this to many females who also have Endometriosis like me. It's amazing not to be bedridden on days I'm not able to get out of bed. Thank you for your amazing product." (Jessica, Rhode Island)

"You are so inspirational! The travel cushion has not only made my life more comfortable physically but also emotionally as it easily folds up so everyone doesn't have to know what it is! Some people think it's a purse, some people think it's a flute case, others think it's a yoga mat case. This gives me the freedom to share when I want to but also keep my privacy when I want to too! I fold it in half and clip it with a carabiner to my backpack and it goes with me everywhere! I am getting my Ph.D. in psychology and I even use it while sitting with my clients. I use it when I go on interviews. I wouldn't be able to live the way I do without it because of my pain and discomfort! Thanks so much for devoting your time to helping women with pelvic problems. You're right that it really bonds us together." (Tovah, New Jersey)

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, but first and foremost, thank you for the Endo-Lite Travel Pad and sharing your experience with those who need to know we are not alone! You are an inspiration! I am 44 and have had Endometriosis since age 19 (yes, that's 25 years!). I was diagnosed with IBS not long after at 22. Then of course if you have those two, next to follow is IC at 30. Debilitating pain and pressure, surgeries and endless medication, infertility and miscarriage, living such a life of exhaustion, isolation, and confusion while trying to figure out how to live with our "challenges" is what we accept as our normal. You have been a Godsend and without this product, I am not sure how I would function. I literally use it every day. Words cannot express how much I appreciate knowing I am not alone and there is help and support. With the most heartfelt gratitude, I thank you! (Michelle, Virginia)

"I have struggled with IC, Endometriosis, PFD and Adenomyosis. Your heat pads have saved my life multiple occasions, which is why I have an account with Pelvic Pain Solutions. I'm so pumped for IC products! Thanks." (Elizabeth, Kentucky)

"My medical seat cushions have helped with my chronic pain and discomfort by eliminating pressure on sensitive areas. I have both the Standard U-shape and the travel/foldable shape. I find the foldable cushion is more comfortable because it relieves pressure down its entire length, plus it is more discreet. When you fold it in half, no one would ever guess what it is. Plus, you can more easily fit it into a bag. The Pelvic Pain Solutions staff are very nice with excellent customer service. I highly recommend these cushions and the company". (Luciellen)

"I have major pelvic floor dysfunction from Endo and IC and am awaiting starting pelvic floor  PT and the pelvic pad is a lifesaver! Many use them forever, after finishing physical therapy too and at home, work, etc. in addition to travel." (Crystal, Instagram)

"I have one of the Multi-Comfort Pads (in pink!) and I love it. I have Interstitial Cystitis and this allows me to soothe all of my pains at one time. Awesome product." (M. Instagram)

"This is genius!!! I've always wondered why there wasn't a heating pad to target the pelvic pain I get. I'm used to filling up hot water bottles and putting them between my legs. Awesome product." (Wendy, Instagram)

"I was so happy to find your heating pads. I ended up purchasing the one that provides heat in the front, back and underneath as well. I love it. It's perfect for all of the places I get pain, sometimes all at once." (Merideth, Instagram)

As a guy who struggles daily just to sit, your seat cushions are my lifeline. I purchased both styles to get a feel for what would work best and ended up keeping both. When I accidentally left one of my cushions at the terminal, I immediately went online and purchased another one. Seriously, you guys saved my job! I now own four to make sure this never happens again." (Peter, New York)

"This is a product I would recommend to anyone with Endo. It is a wonderful heating/cooling pad and its made for the pelvic area. Before my surgery, there were times I put it on so I could stand to work all day. I just wore something more comfy. If you are still having horrible cycle pain, try this out!" (Nancy)

Let me tell you, this is AMAZING! It can be used hot or cold, but I'm using it for hot for my pain. I will be doing a full review on it soon since I've been using it for some time. But it is a great alternative way to control pain relief!" (endonme, Instagram)

"Pelvic Pain Solutions provides unique and excellent quality products to people in great need of them." (Margaret)

"Hello Babette, Just wanted to thank you again for reaching out to me regarding my order. I received both pads yesterday afternoon and used one right away, very happy I ordered this from your company. It is a great product that I once said to myself there should be a heating pad for both my pelvic and lower back. So glad you made it available to all of us endo sufferers. Once again thank you for personally reaching out to me and including the travel pad as a courtesy to me." (Lisa)

"Omg Lord knows how much I want and need this! This is brilliant! I currently lost another good job due to Endometriosis flare up. Your invention is awesome and continues to be a blessing to women like me xoxo. Keep up the awesome work". (Instagram follower)

"Oh my gosh, this is the best idea I have ever seen!" (Instagram follower)

"This is the best cushion you can possibly buy. It's worth the expense! I'm 45 years old and have IC and PNE. I have severe sensitivity to touch and these cushions are so comfortable ~ like sitting on a cloud." (Kay, Minnesota)

"It's because of the cushion I can stand a long car ride back in forth from the Bay Area to Sacramento!" (Jamie, Sacramento)

"Hi Babette, I received the CAPPS Super Crypton Deluxe Cushion in gray today. It is fabulous. Better than the "Almost Gone" design I originally ordered. Having the channel across the entire length makes a great difference because no sensitive areas are touched at all. I will tell my friends about it. Thank you for working on all this with me. I will definitely leave a good review". (Lucy)

"Babette Gray, I read your story and I can so relate! Mine is very similar." (Patty, Facebook)

"These things are awesome! I love mine." (Tanya, Facebook)

"Your story is inspiring. I had a hysterectomy in my late 20's and couldn't be happier." (Reed)

"Hi! I just wanted to take this chance to thank you for inventing such a product! Just ordered one! I had no idea I was living with Endo until recently. It just got worse and worse. Even after the surgery, I had in California thanks to a wonderful doctor. I still am struggling with the recovery. The inflammation in my pelvic area plagues me daily. I am so happy to find something that helps women like me!" (Amanda)

"Thank you for all that you do for us." (Jill Fuersich, Co-Founder, EndoWarriors)

"These pads are awesome. I have Interstitial Cystitis and pelvic floor disorder and use these on daily basis, keep up the good work." (Lorene, Facebook)

"Your products are amazing!! Blessed to know you. I also lost my career to help other women just like us with my IC support group. You're so awesome! Blessed to know you!" (April Lee, Facebook)

"Thank you for developing wonderful products! Being diagnosed this year, I have found your products a blessing. I regularly use the small heating Endo-Lite Pad and am able to wear it at work. My 1st lap is today at 10:30 and I already have my special ice pack from your company. I have the insert ice pack compartment in the freezer now. This is giving me a little peace of mind before surgery. I would be more than willing to invest in your company, it's a blessing for us Endo Warriors." (Megan, Facebook)

"Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!! This cushion has saved me so much! I want everyone to have one who is going through this agony." (Jamie)

"I have to say I love this product. I also have Stage 4 Endometriosis and there are many days this heating pad is what helps me get through the day." (Shani, Facebook)

"These pads are awesome. I have interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor disorder and use these on a daily basis, keep up the good work". (Lorene, Facebook)

"Thank you for developing wonderful products! Being diagnosed this year, I have found your products a blessing. I regularly use the small heating pad, and am able to wear it at work. My 1st lap is today at 10:30 am and I already have my special ice pack from your company. I have the insert ice pack compartment in the freezer now. This is giving me a little piece of mind before surgery. I would be more than willing to invest in your company, it's a blessing for us Endo Warriors." (Megan, Facebook)

"I need this like yesterday!" (Brenda, Facebook)

"Thank you for the quick response and for understanding the complexity of pelvic pain. I'd also like to thank and commend your company for not only acknowledging pelvic pain in the way that you have but endeavoring to offer solutions to the many who suffer from it. I'll continue to visit your website for products that may help me in the future." (Debra)

"Just a quick note from a fellow endo chick (Stage IV), I got the EndoFEMM Pad yesterday and just wanted to thank you and say hello. I was so happy and surprised to see that it was a local product too! Anyway, thanks again. Great product!" (Staci) "I won an EndoFEMM™ Pad in a contest and that sucker is my best friend. I love how it's essentially a non-electric pad that holds heat all night long." (Tanya)

"I own three cushions so that wherever I go, I have the most amazing support. These cushions are beautifully made and perhaps the best on the market. They are well worth the money." (Miranda)

"I don't typically write into websites. However, I recently bought the Pelvic Seat Cushion from your website and I just want to say thank you. I suffer from severe IC and very severe Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I have horrific spasms and it hurts to drive. Every 3-4 weeks I get trigger point injections just so I am able to pee and I can't sit down afterward. I had to find a ride every month to my doctor's appointment. I knew I couldn't keep asking people to take time off from work, so I bought this cushion in the hopes of driving myself to the appointments. I just drove to my first appointment after getting the cushion and I am amazed at how much it has helped me. I leave it in my car and cannot travel without it. I am so happy I don't have to rely on people anymore all because of this cushion. I was hesitant on buying it because it was more expensive than the other cushions I was looking at, but it was worth every penny. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." (Jaime)

"After trying every cushion on the market for pelvic pain, the one from Pelvic Pain Solutions more than fits the bill for me. I was hesitant at first to order one because the cost was higher than some others on the market, but I feel this one is absolutely worth it. In fact, I've ordered another one because I want a second one to keep in my car. Since using this one, I will not sit on anything else. The foam and outer material are of the highest quality, and for me, it's like sitting on a cloud. It's the perfect combination of support and suppleness. Thank you so much for making such a superior product. You have made my life a lot more comfortable!" (Lisa, Facebook)

"Amazing!!! I have tried so many heating pads throughout my life since I was 12. I am now 31 and I have never found a heating that can keep heat for such a long period of time. It has become my best friend especially after I had my hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. I am so thankful I was able to find this before then. You-all-Rock. I had so many questions and you answered every single one quickly. Thank you so much ... you made my life so much better. :) I'm a happy camper and will be telling everyone about you." (Anonymous)

"Babette ROCKS!!! She is a very kind lady and is there to help at all hours of the night! I absolutely love my endo pads and plan to buy more over time with them! Extremely fast shipping and superior customer service! I give them 5 stars.(Anonymous)

This ice pack is wonderful compared to my old brick of an ice pack. I like how flexible it stays even while in the freezer. As an IC sufferer, I often alternate between hot/cold therapy to relieve my spasms. I use the EndoFEMM® Pad for heat and the ice pack together. As an added bonus to having these products is my two active teenagers use both for their sports injuries."  (Carol L., New York)