My Story

Like so many others who struggle in silence with chronic pelvic pain, I share a deep understanding and empathy for what they are going through. I endured my own 13-year battle with Stage IV Endometriosis, anemia, and pelvic adhesions.

My journey began at the young age of 5 after an accident at a playground. I went down a tall, metal slide and landed on the heel of my left shoe where it lodged deeply into my pelvic floor. The impact caused instant bleeding and excruciating pain. My initial thought as a young child was that I urinated all over my overalls and that my mother was going to punish me -- that was until I saw my blood quickly saturating my pants. This event would become the beginning of a long, painful road with chronic pelvic pain.
During my spare time, I designed a special pelvic heating/cooling pad called EndoFEMM® that molded perfectly to my tummy and pelvis. I discovered using this pad during my flare ups prolonged my hysterectomy for an additional three years. It also reduced my need for medication.
I believed in the healing benefits of the EndoFEMM® Pad that I contacted the Endometriosis Research Center who decided to conduct a Product Focus Study with a group of Endometriosis women. In their findings, they determined the EndoFEMM® Pad was a viable product to reduce pelvic pain.
In 2006, I officially launched my website and started selling the EndoFEMM® Pad. Years later, I would see there was a need to expand and help the pelvic pain community by offering medical support seat cushions that focused on absorbing compression and impact while sitting, driving and flying.
We improved our cushion line by adding bleach-cleanable, healthy hospital-grade seat cushions to the medical community. We embark on a mission to reach out to all the hospitals, rehabilitation centers and medical supply chains with our products in a collaborative effort to help people recover after surgery, and enjoy their travels and time just sitting without the prolong effects of chronic pelvic pain.