Big Changes in 2022

Pelvic Pain Solutions is dedicated to the expansion and growth of our business to endure through these unprecedented times. We are making big, big changes ahead and have no plans of closing operations -- in fact, we are doing the opposite.

One cannot turn on the TV or just be out somewhere without seeing such massive changes impacting all of us. We all hope this is not becoming our new normal. As many businesses struggle to remain open during these unprecedented times, our team is working with our supply chains and vendors on latest delivery updates as they slowly regroup from massive shipment delays.

Our online customers and brick and mortar stores mean the world to us. We know how much they have to come to rely on our seat cushions for daily use to manage pelvic or lower back pain.

Mid February 2022. we are getting geared up to handle the surge of orders by hiring an Operational Manager to manage the vendors, suppliers and staff. New systems are being in place with a larger warehouse. We are a USA manufacturer where all our cushions are proudly made with the utmost care to quality and detail. And for us, that still means something.

We want to thank you all for your patience and continue to value your input and feedback.