Babette's Story

Meet the owner, Babette Gray, of Pelvic Pain Solutions

"As a child, I faced a traumatic incident on the playground that resulted in a pelvic fracture, later discovered to be the cause of my infertility. Throughout adolescence and adulthood, I battled chronic pelvic pain, receiving a diagnosis of Endometriosis at 24, which added another layer to my struggles. Despite falling into depression and relying on medication, I persevered, making lifestyle changes to alleviate my pain.

Realizing my purpose in helping others with chronic pelvic pain, I developed products based on my experiences. Surprisingly effective, they allowed me to delay surgery and reduce medication dependence. Connecting with others, sharing my story, and offering hope became integral to my journey. Moving forward, my goal is to continue supporting those seeking relief and raising awareness about chronic pelvic pain. Each day is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and provide hope to those in need."

Be blessed ...