Telephone Consultation and Support for Endometriosis

One-on-one personal support services for those who suffer from Endometriosis.

  • Been recently diagnosed with Endometriosis?
  • Need support?
  • Battling Endometriosis for sometime?
  • Afraid and needing a fellow Endo Sister to speak, vent or cry to?

Schedule time to speak to President/Founder, Babette Gray, to discuss your own struggle with Endometriosis. Babette is here to support you and share her own 13-year story with Endometriosis. She is aware of the trials, tribulations, and fears that are associated with the disease. Let her uplift you by sharing her own success story to provide you hope and a safe, confidential place to vent, cry and find support. With Endometriosis so widespread, Babette is a rare case because she lived with and successfully managed Endometriosis for 13 years until her supracervical hysterectomy at the age of 40. She is here to say, "you are not alone."