EndoFEMM® Pelvic Therapy Pad - Patented Design

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Say "bye bye" to annoying electrical cords and expensive pain-relief adhesive. Our patented EndoFEMM® Pad is designed to wrap your aching pelvis with a cozy hug. Enjoy the freedom of being unplugged and the versatility to wear throughout your body with built-in straps. Use to ease pelvic and abdominal pain or overall body aches and pains. Reverse to ease shoulder, lower back, and tailbone pain. Hello, freedom!


  • Contents. Flaxseed for moist heat properties.

  • Fabric: Anti-pill breathable fleece.

  • Strap Length: 15-inch strap, fit 28"-40".

  • Designed to hold pad upright and firmly close to the body for hot/cold transfer.

  • 15-inch straps on both sides for custom fit.

  • Reversible to ease lower back and tailbone pain

  • Built-in straps secure pad.

  • Weight, 2.8 lbs.