Perineum Ice Pack Belt

  • $39.99

Now here's a therapeutic way to receive hands-free ice focused only on the perineum area with our uniquely designed ice pack belt. (Ice pack sold separately.)

Our lightweight washable belt is designed to insert our 3" x 11" medical grade, reusable ice pack for instant cooling. The entire belt and ice pack channel insert is made from antimicrobial, bamboo fabric that is soft and cool against the skin.

  • Care. Remove ice pack before washing in cold cycle, tumble dry low. 
  • Uses: Excellent for IC, spasms, itching, burning, Vulvodynia or postoperative care. 
  • Sizing. Fits hips up to 40 inches. Custom orders accepted.

"OMG, the perineum belt fits. I am in heaven. You guys are the best. I am trying to promote. Best item ever." (Lori, Massachusetts)