Abdominal Flex Gel Medical-Grade Reusable Ice Pack (7.5"x5.5")

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This size fits perfectly into our Abdominal Ice Pack Wearable Belt.

  • Designed especially for heavy clinic use in cold therapy to ensure effective cold therapy for any body area or shape
  • Provides effective relief of pain from cold therapy
  • Filled with non-toxic silica gel that will remain pliable throughout treatment
  • Delivers up to 30 minutes of cold therapy soothing relief from acute pain, swelling and fever

How to Use:

  • For initial chilling, place flat in chilling unit freezer for two hours. Do not chill below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Remove from freezer and place a hand towel between the skin and the ice pack. Apply to area being treated.
  • Treatment time should not exceed 30 minutes.


  • Do not sit, lie or sleep on the ice pack.
  • Do not attempt to use the ice pack as a hot pack. No hot water. No microwave. Use only as a cold therapy.

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe all moisture from the ice pack before returning to the freezer.
  • Store in freezer when not in use.



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