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EndoFEMM®️ Pelvic Hot/Cold Pad - COMING SOON!

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. Our very own patented hot/cold pad is designed to gently hug your pelvic or lower back (yes, it's reversible!) all naturally with built-in straps for ease of mobility.

Designed by an Endometriosis Sufferer. Our patented design and creation by the Founder, Babette Gray.

What makes this shape work? It hugs your pelvis like a glove with natural hot or cold therapy. The pad can be used not only on your pelvis, try it on your lower back, your shoulders and it will melt any discomfort away. The handy built-in, super strong hook and loop straps provide that custom fit. Enjoy hands-free therapy where you go!

Helpful Hint: Wear this over your tummy while driving to provide a comfy barrier to seatbelts.

To Heat: Place in microwave on a rotating carousel for approximately 2 minutes. Always test with your hand before placing it directly onto the body.

To Cool: Place overnight in the freezer.

Care. Do not saturated pad to clean. Simply spot clean with a gentle detergent and clean rag.