Coccyx Pudendal Cushion (Performance) - Pelvic Pain Solutions
Coccyx Pudendal Cushion (Performance) - Pelvic Pain Solutions
Coccyx/Pudendal Cushion (Performance Fabric) - Pelvic Pain Solutions

Coccyx Cushion (Performance)

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Say goodbye to the embarrassing donut cushion and embrace more comfort, more style while experiencing relief.

  • Absorbs impact and vibration
  • Gently cradles the pelvic floor and tailbone
  • Reverse to ease vulvodynia and pudendal discomfort
  • Performance fabric is from durable polyester fibers that are stain-resistant and made for heavy use.
  • Three convenient sizes -- our mini, standard, or plus for a custom fit.

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Our most cushy foam feels similar to memory foam with more support. Best for petite, delicate frames (110 lbs. or less)

MEDIUM (110-130 LBS.)

Just like Goldilocks, not too soft, not too firm, just right with moderate to slightly firm support for a medium frame.

FIRM (140-180 LBS.)

More firm support from vibration and impact with less give, for medium-large frames.

X-FIRM (200 LBS.)

Our most firm feel for those who prefer a very hard surface.