CAPPS Pelvic Seat Cushions

Relax Your Bladder and Pelvic Floor with our CAPPS Seat Cushion

CAPPS Travel Foldable Seat Cushion

Why Buy From Us? We are the original creators of the longer U-shaped cushion designed by the founder, Babette Gray and Timothy Regan, who suffered from Pudendal Neuralgia. Together, they worked collaboratively on perfecting the second cushion, the Travel Foldable design for more ease, discretion, with the same outstanding materials for durability.
We KNOW, LIVE and BREATHE chronic pelvic pain just like our customers. Since 2006, we have collaborated with leaders in pelvic rehabilitation known worldwide for treating pelvic pain. When you invest in our CAPPS Medical Support Pelvic Seat Cushion, you'll enjoy a superior, long-lasting design made from outstanding materials that are nearly indestructible ... did we also mention our very own 10-day return policy?
Two Designs--Standard U-Shape or Travel/Foldable. We understand that one particular design may not benefit our customers' medical needs. This is why we offer two styles to help promote comfort and relaxation. If you have questions, we are here to help you make the best choice. Cushions can accompany up to 200 lbs.
Custom Orders Gladly Accepted!
"I am very, very impressed with this cushion that you've developed. I received one as a gift a few months ago and the quality and fabric are impeccable and outstanding. The best quality and manufacturing I've seen of any cushion I've tried over the years." Jill H. Osborne, MA, President and Founder, Interstitial Cystitis Network.

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