Perineum Ice Pack Belt for IC Spasms
Here's a therapeutic way to receive hands-free ice therapy only at the perineum area with our uniquely designed ice pack belt with a built-in antimicrobial bamboo insert.
Description. Our lightweight washable belt is designed to insert our 3"x11" ice pack at the pelvic floor/crotch region. The ice pack channel is made from lightweight, anti-microbial bamboo fabric that is soft and cool against the skin.
Care: Remove ice pack before washing.
Uses: Excellent for IC, spasms, burning, Vulvodynia or post-operative care and those pesky yeast infections.
Sizing. Fits hips up to 40 inches.
Custom Orders welcome. Just Contact Us and we will make a custom fit!

Product Image Weight- Price Item Name
ColdSpot 3"x11" Reusable Flex Gel 0.8 $13.99

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ColdSpot 3"x11" Reusable Flex Gel

Perineum Belt, Jet Black 1.4 $34.99

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Perineum Belt, Jet Black

Perineum Belt, Pristine Gray 1.4 $34.99

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Perineum Belt, Pristine Gray

Perineum Hot/Cold Pad (PRE ORDER) 0.8 $15.99

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Perineum Hot/Cold Pad (PRE ORDER)

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