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How long does it to take to ship my order? If an item is in stock and not on backorder, domestic orders within the U.S., if an order is received by 3:00 PM PST, we normally ship the same day. Delivery time is within 3-7 days via USPS Priority Mail (depending on weather conditions). International orders range between 10-14 days.


Do you ship internationally? Are there any restrictions? Yes, we do ship to other countries; however, the following countries do not allow our flax seed pads due to strict Custom guidelines--Australia and New Zealand. For these countries, we CAN ship the pad shape but customer will need to purchase their own filling of choice (corn, cherry pitts, rice, flax seed, etc.). Please contact us direct for more information.


I have TRICARE insurance. How do I submit my claim for reimbursement? Contact TRICARE Resources - Filing Claims section on how to submit your claim. It is not PPS's responsibility to submit claims.


What is your company's Privacy Policy? We use the information collected from you for our internal use only for marketing purposes and product development.  No information collected by us is sold or given away to other company's or entities.


Refunds and Exchanges


Do you accept returns? Pelvic Pain Solutions is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Within thirty calendar days from the date of purchase, you can return your item for an exchange and/or refund (pelvic therapy pads cannot be returned due to their intimate nature). Contact our Customer Representative to receive instructions on returning your purchase. Please note the following conditions: (1) Shipping is non-refundable; (2) Returns are accepted only on items with a minimum purchase price of $25.00. (3) Pelvic seat cushions must be in perfect condition (no soils, stains, dog or human hair, indentations). When returning seat cushion, do NOT fold; write on outside of package "DO NOT BEND" to notify shipper.


What is your refund/exchange policy? At any time within ten (10) calendar days from the date of purchase, we will gladly refund and/or exchange your purchase (less shipping and handling). (Please Note: Pelvic Pain Solutions assumes no responsibility for damaged therapy pad(s) due to customer overheating pad(s). No refunds, returns and/or exchanges will be accepted. Pelvic Pain Solutions is not responsible for offering refunds to customers based on incorrect shipping address entering during the time of checkout. It is customer's responsibility to ensure he/she enters the correct mailing address for proper delivery of items.

What are the exceptions? Our exceptions are returns on heating/cooling pads and feminine/intimate products. If you require an exchange on your return, please contact us directly with your name and order number. Shipping costs of returned products will be paid by the Buyer. (Please Note: Pelvic Pain Solutions assumes no responsibility for damaged pad due to customer overheating pad. No refunds, returns and/or exchanges will be accepted.)
Pelvic Therapy Pads


What is the purpose of the built-in Velcro strap design on your therapy pads? Our 2-inch wide Velcro straps allow ultimate versatility and hands-free therapy while sitting upright or walking around receiving hot or cold therapy. Straps are microwave safe and may be warm to the touch. Please exercise caution before placing directly onto the body; spot test first.


What are the care instructions for the therapy pads? Spot clean with a clean, white cloth only; do not dry clean or place in washer or dryer.


When using the cooling version, how does this compare to regular ice packs? Our therapy pads provide a nice, cooling sensation when place in the freezer. For optimum results, we highly recommend storing the pad overnight in a plastic gallon-size freezer bag. Unlike regular ice packs that provide intense, cold therapy that may leave a stinging sensation and possibly cause further nerve damage, our pads provide a subtle, cooling sensation that will ease your pain and help you relax.


What is inside the therapy pads? We use whole flaxseed which provides moist heat properties and gives a soothing "memory foam" type feel against the skin. It conforms to the body by the simple weight of the pad.


How does the pad work? The patented shape is unique in design and works effectively when heated in the average microwave. Since microwave temperatures vary depending on make and model, we highly recommend experimenting with the time to find the perfect heat. Our therapy pads arrive with easy-to-follow instruction cards. Do not overheat pad or leave the pad unattended while in the microwave.


Is there a method that should be followed when using the microwave? Yes, for optimal results place the heating pad on the oscillating carousel in the microwave at 60-70% power. This guarantees the pad will be evenly heated and add to the longevity of the pad.


Will overheating the pad in the microwave damage the pad in any way? There is a possibility that if heating directions are not followed the pad can be affected. This may cause slight damage to the effectiveness of the pad; however, following instructions on the label will ensure proper heating time and longevity. (Please Note: Pelvic Pain Solutions assumes no responsibility for damaged pad due to Customer overheating pad. No refunds, returns and/or exchanges will be accepted.)


When I heat the pad using the recommended time, I notice it is lukewarm. How can I ensure it will heat longer? We recommend a conservative time of 2 minutes at 70% power for our adult-sized pads and 45 seconds to 1 minute for our travel-size pads. 


What's recommended when re-heating the therapy pad? We recommend starting at 30-45 second intervals, depending on microwave power until desired heat is achieved. Do not overheat pad or leave the pad unattended while in the microwave.


What if I need assistance selecting the appropriate therapy pad for my specific condition? That's simple! You can send us an email or call us and we'll be happy to assist you finding the most effective pad design in meeting your needs.


Are there any safety precautions before using the therapy pads? Use adult supervision with children, do not use on an infant. Do not use on diabetics, infants, or individuals with poor circulation or insensitive skin; always consult with a physician before use.


How do I place a custom order? Simply Contact Us listing the pad design, color and specifications needed. Our friendly staff will contact you to confirm. Please allow up to 14 days


Why the restriction on accepting returns and/or exchanges on your pelvic therapy pads? Due to their intimate nature, we are unable to accept a pelvic pad that has been worn. Most of our pads require contact within intimate regions. We strive to present accurate measurements to assist our customers before they purchase an item. If the general size displayed is too small or too large, we gladly accept Custom Orders. Simply contact our Customer Service and we will work with you to create a custom fit.


CAPPS Seat Cushions

How does the built-in channel work? Our CAPPS U-Shaped Foldable Pelvic Seat Cushion is designed to gently cradle the entire pelvic floor. It has a 2 1/4" wide inner channel provides ultimate comfort and protection while sitting and/or driving. The CAPPS Travel Foldable Pelvic Seat Cushion has a wider 3" channel.

What are the cushion's dimensions? The standard U-Shape design is 15"Lx14.5"Wx1.5H"; the travel with the long open channel is 16"Lx16"Wx1.5".


What does ILD mean? It stands for Indentation Load Deflection. In simple terms it is a measurement of how hard or soft a foam is. In more accurate terms it's the number of pounds of pressure required to indent 4" of foam by 25% using a 50 square inch indentation. You may also see it referred to as the 25% ILD rating.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we do; however, at this time we do not offer free shipping due to the high cost of shipping internationally.


How long is the channel? The standard U-shaped cushion is 2 3/4"Wx10"L; the travel cushion is 3"Wx16"L.


Can I change the direction of the cushion? Yes, depending on your personal needs, you can alternate positions by having the channel/opening at the tail bone region or pelvic floor/crotch.


Try it for 10 days for a full refund! We realize that not all will benefit from our cushions so we understand that returns are likely. Simply keep your cushion in the same perfect condition is arrived--no soils, stains, odor, or human and/or pet hair. Contact Us for the return address.


What type of foam do you use? Our best-selling standard foam is firm (2.5 lb./45 ILD) for 230 lbs. and under; it is long-lasting and will not compress or flatten out. 


What type of fabric is used? We use only Crypton® Super Fabric which has anti-microbial, stain and odor-resistant properties. It is super easy to clean and long-lasting for years to come.


Do Crypton fabrics have VOCs, including formaldehyde or PFOA? Crypton fabrics are third-party certified for having ultra-low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds that can be emitted over time into the air, adversely affecting indoor air quality). PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is not used in the manufacturer of Crypton Super Fabrics or INCASETM. Our state-of-the-art chemistry allows our fabrics to be free of PFOA (no quantifiable level with a detection limit of 20 ppb).


Can I be allergic to Crypton? No. We do not use chemistry that comes off of the fabric, but highly allergic individuals may want to check with their doctor. Some Crypton fabrics use acrylic latex, but never rubber latex.


What are some of the bacteria and microbes that Crypton protects against? Crypton fabrics prohibit the growth of molds like Aspergillus niger and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus. Our fabric process also includes chemistry that prohibits bacteria and mold from spreading.


Can Crypton be cleaned with soap and water? Yes. While the Crypton fabric is the easiest in the world to clean, it's not self-cleaning, In reality, most new stains come off with a damp cloth and water. There is one suggested cleaning method that is universally and easily available -- the use of enzyme detergent. A mild powdered enzyme detergent mixed with water is a very effective way to clean Crypton. Mix 5 parts water with 1 part enzyme detergent. If you'd like more information on how to clean with soap and water click here.


What is the difference between the Deluxe and Economy version? We strive to make our cushions as affordable as we can without compromising quality. The key factor between the Deluxe and Economy is the grade of upholstery fabric. The Deluxe version is made from Crypton® Super Fabric. Each fiber of Crypton is encapsulated to resist stains, odors, bacteria and mildew to help protect and maintain the value of your investment. The Economy version is made from a standard upholstery fabric that does not offer the stain-resistant properties; however, we offer to our customers the option of requesting a stain resistant protection.


How do I place a custom order? Simply click on the Custom Order section and select the type of foam thickness needed and fabric color. Please allow up to 14 days for custom orders, no returns and/or exchanges.