About Us

Meet the Team

Babette would never have dreamed of starting a business nearly 11 years ago, let alone devoting many years of her life to a cause that hardly anyone knows about. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened.

An estimated 179 million women suffer silently with Endometriosis, aka "Endo", a disease that affects women and young girls during their reproductive years. It can leave many women infertile and some sadly on the verge of suicide from the debilitating stabbing pain. It is called Endometriosis and she knows all too well about it.

Like so many women in this world who are struggling daily with chronic pelvic pain, Babette shares a deep understanding and empathy for what they are going through with her own, grueling 13-year battle with Endometriosis.

She considers Pelvic Pain Solutions "her baby" and through her creation of her products, an extension of love and support to help others manage their pain. Statistics show that no matter what age a woman is, sadly at one time in her life, she will experience pelvic pain. Her drive comes from the women she speaks to every week who inspire her to keep going. 

Meet our Customer Support

Brianne is an integral part of our business for the past three years. Without her, we would be unable to travel and attend conventions to collaborate with more health professionals and learn the latest treatments available. From an early age, Brianne has always loved to help people and bring some happiness to their world. Nearly a year ago, she decided to become a certified massage therapist after being interested in holistic healing and the benefits of massage therapy. She devotes her time working for Pelvic Pain Solutions and her evenings and weekends bringing relief to her clients. We feel blessed to have her on board!

Authorized Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Tahlia is like many of our customers, an Endo Warrior and long-time sufferer of Endometriosis, who wants to serve and help others by offering our products to countries where we are unable to ship our flax-filled products to. She has a business-savvy mind and a heart of gold. She is our authorized distributor for Australia and New Zealand.